1. Give a gift of a professional window cleaning for Christmas or Mother’s Day
  2. Cleaning the new replacement double hung insulated windows; before you tilt the bottom sash in, make sure you raise the bottom window up 1 ½”-2” before you tilt it in for cleaning.  If you don’t this you can damage the frame if it binds on the lower window frame.
  3. For cleaning residential windows, we recommend that you wait until the first week of July after the cottonwood is done blowing in the air.   By then the spring rains are over and then your screens will stay cleaner longer.
  4. Another residential tip is to clean your windows in November after all the leaves are done falling.  By then the rains are about over for the season and your window should stay clean all winter long until spring.
  5. For residential windows we recommend that you store your screens that you do not use or on the windows that you will not be opening for a cleaner and clearer view throughout the winter.