Main Window Cleaning of Rochester, New York, Inc.
Three Generation Family owned and operated.
Established in 1918
Offers close to 100 years of dedicated service that you can rely on from professionals who truly love what they do.

Coverage for all the required insurances.  We do not use Subcontractors.

Main Window Cleaning was started by Adam G. Kram who retired in 1962.  His son A. Edward Kram joined the firm in 1947 and became a partner in 1952.  A. Edward’s wife Connie resumed ownership after his Edward’s passing  in 1991. Connie retired and turned the Business over to her son Kevin in 1999. Kevin started working for Main Window Cleaning in 1969 and attended RIT to get his BS in Business Administration. His sister Lea became Office Manager, joined the firm in 1990.

The growth years were 1944-1964.  Adam and his son, A. Edward bought out seven window cleaning companies. There were Home, State, Central, City, East Side, and Raymond’s Window Cleaning.

The Company originally did business out of 46 North Street until 1944 and then moved to 360 Main Street East until the building was demolished.  Then moved to 387 Main Street East was next, then to West Outer Drive and to the current location at 95 Mt. Read Blvd.

Main Window Cleaning was the first Local Business to register with the Better Business Bureau. Over the years, the Company cleaned the windows of wealthy local family residences.

We have supported many local business over the years like the Memorial Art Gallery, National War Plane Museum, Chamber of Commerce, Rochester Museum & Science Center, and Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Business History:

Main Window Cleaning Timeline: Established in 1918
The first DBA was on 3/2/1929  with Adam G. Kram and Phillip Kachuk as the original partners.   First doing business out of 46 North Street.
In 1944 the business moved to 360 Main Street East before moving to 387 Main Street East, then 187 East Main Street.
6/23/1950: A partnership was formed between Adam G. Kram, Phillip Kachuk and Harry Dzumak.
2/14/1952: The partnership also added  A. Edward Kram, (Adam G. Kram’s  son)
11/29/1952:  Partner Phillip Kachuk sold out.
8/15/1958:  Harry Dzumak withdrew from the partnership.
1962:  Adam G. Kram Retired and passed away 10/22/1991.
1969:  Kevin E. Kram (A. Edward’s son) joined the company.
12/6/1991:  A. Edward Kram Passed and the business was transferred to his wife Constance Kram and moved the company  to West Outer Drive.  A “C” Corporation was formed  for Main Window Cleaning of Rochester, New York Inc. and  then moved to 95 Mt. Read Blvd..
11/22/1999:  Constance Kram resigned & transferred the ownership to Kevin E. Kram ( Constance Kram’s son).  Lea Richards (Kevin’s Sister) became Secretary/Treasurer.  Kevin E. Kram became sole stock owner.

Over the years we purchase many other local Rochester window cleaning companies including in:

1/3/1944:  Home Window Cleaning was purchased from Stephen Iwaskow.
12/15/1956:  State Window Cleaning was purchased from Mary & Phillip Kachuk and Phil’s successor Leo Carrol.
12/17/1956:  Central Window Cleaning was purchased fromJohn Prytula.
3/1/1958:  City Window Cleaning was purchased from Nickolas Bojyko & Castper Casper Hnatiw.
1/3/1964:  East Side Window Cleaning was purchased from Sol Rapkin.
12/1964:  Raymond’s Window Cleaning was purchased from Raymond Klimaszewski.

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